Sophisticated Storage Ideas For Your Spare Room

Dated: 07/09/2018

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Spare rooms resemble finding yourself in international waters — anything goes, in the room that is. Your spare room is a storage unit, gym, guest quarters, office and random play area for cats and children alike.

Most people advise you to clean out the clutter, but why diminish the multipurpose glory? Optimize the spare room’s functionality instead with sophisticated storage ideas.

Skip the Desk

Desks are typically bulky and heavy hardwood furniture that take up too much space. That’s valuable storage room you’re missing out on.

So, skip the desk and choose a wall. This wall is now your work area. Every other part of the room belongs to a separate function. You’ll add a long countertop to use as the desk, which can also be altered to add shelving and a reading nook if there’s a pretty view from the window. Besides, you can customize your desk! Choose a cherry, tile or marble surface.

Take It to the Ceiling

Extend the height of storage cupboards, cabinets and shelving to the ceiling. You need to use up every inch, nook and cranny to optimize the spare aspect of the room.

Longer vertical lines also add height to a room, making it look like you have tall ceilings.

Stop Hiding Clutter

Use reverse psychology to your advantage. Remove doors. Remove the spare room door. Pull the closet door off the hinges. Nix the cabinet doors off furniture.

Expose your clutter, and your mind will visually sort the rest. You can always put the doors back on if it bothers you too much, but at least you’ll realize what you really need and where it should go.

The Closet Needs More Shelves

The closet becomes the number one hiding space for renegade items when company comes to visit. When company comes to stay, you must clean out the closet. It’s a catch-22.

Depending on the functions of your spare room, consider adding shelves from the floor to the ceiling to maximize storage elegantly and open organization and display possibilities. Face it: most guests live out of their suitcase, anyway. You can also add space to the room by removing the closet door, which motivates you to keep the new shelving organized.

Build the Bed into the Wall or Closet

Fold out beds aren’t only best for studio apartments — they’re perfect for multipurpose spare rooms, too.

Line a wall with cabinets and shelves, leaving a space in the middle for the bed, or utilize the closet for a DIY Murphy bed and craft area —use plywood to construct the foldable frame for a twin bed to go on top of the bunk. The bottom area can be a working surface for crafts. Keep in mind that if you plan to sell your home, doing this may reduce the total number of bedrooms and affect the price.

Introducing the Under-Bed Rolling Drawer

You’ve seen those platform beds with storage underneath, right? They’re the ones that are at least a thousand bucks a pop.

Forget the price tag, and upgrade your bed by making your own under-bed rolling drawer, or set of drawers, that will roll right out when you pull the knob. Grab a few plywood boards, wheels, screws, Gorilla glue and a decorative knob, and you’re in business.

Redecorate with Multipurpose and Minimalist Furniture

Redecorate with minimalist furniture without losing multiple functions and gain simplified sophistication. Embracing the Swedish style of multipurpose, minimalist furniture may involve a trip to Ikea or getting your hands dirty with upcycling challenges.

Got an old dresser and need a bookshelf? Rip those drawers out, and transform the dresser into shelving, a wine rack or a desk. Sand and re-stain or paint it. Focusing on function doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style.

Use Dividing Curtains

Tired of drawers and shelves? Use dividing curtains to separate areas of functionality and hide storage spaces that you don’t want seen. Mix and match various textiles, patterns and colors to create atmosphere, such as using cool hues to make you feel like you’re on vacation at the beach.

You don’t have to choose one function for your spare room. Optimize your storage and choose areas of the room to conduct certain tasks to create a more sophisticated and organized space.

Select a wall, and install a long countertop to create a desk, reading nook and shelving all in one. Build the bed into the wall or closet to generate more space or leave the bed out and install a rolling drawer underneath. Use textiles to divide areas in a sophisticated way.

The options are only limited by your lack of creativity. Don’t let small minds hold you back from making the most of a versatile space. You can have an elegant guest room, office and yoga space in one room without it looking like a tornado landed.

Giving a tour of the renovated space will make you feel like a magician showing off their best tricks. Now, roll up your sleeves and get started.

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