How To Use Your Home To Impress Your Date

Dated: 07/09/2018

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You can only repeat so many date activities before they get old, and eventually, curiosity and evolving relationships mean it’s time to introduce them to your home. You may want to get some of your home care habits in check first. A little mud on your clothes from a bike ride doesn’t hurt on a date out, but days old dishes and floors invaded by dust bunnies are a different story when staying in for a date. Your home base speaks to who you are and how you live. Here’s how to make a great first date home impression and clean up your act before your cutie comes over.

Smell Is the Cleanliness Clincher

Though you use your eyesight the most, smell is your strongest sense. Your olfactory bulb, which runs along the bottom of the brain and processes smells, directly connects to the hippocampus and amygdala, which are responsible for the vivid detail of memory and emotion evoked. Your tactile, auditory and visual senses aren’t connected this way to the brain. That’s why smell takes you back to a different time and why smells in your home should be a top concern if you want to make a great impression.

In a survey we conducted of 1,000 people, a good-smelling home was the top turn-on for both men and women. Your signature scent is one of the first things that a date notices about you, and that extends to your home. Mood-set with a romantic candle that reminds them of the cafe where you first locked eyes.

Don’t cover smells in your home — scrub the dishes, take out the trash, do the laundry and tend to the pets. Sniff out the source and scrub it out.Start a chore checklist to manage household maintenance — most smells originate from the household maintenance tasks you typically forget. Stay on top of the tasks with a chore chart.

Make the Bed Comfy

Next in line on the survey were a comfortable bed and solo living arrangements, which sets intimate precedence. Women put living alone before the comfy bed while men scored the opposite. If your bed is more spring than cushion, invest in mattress padding and fluffy pillows. A made bed instantly makes the room look much cleaner since the bed typically covers the largest portion of the room in terms of furniture. Get that mattress off the floor — it was a major turn off for everyone.

Reveal Your Literary Prowess

An even #4 among the sexes were books on display. That doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy random books you’ll never read. Don’t give a false impression. Organize your books and magazines, or at least stack them neatly. If you’re a bibliophile, your books are likely leaning skyscrapers that migrated beyond your bookshelf’s capacity. Make neater stacks, and don’t worry about the overflow — a true book lover will ogle your collection.

Go Buy Some Food

At #5 for men and #7 for women was a fridge full of food. Clear out old foods and wipe down your fridge. Go forth to the grocery store, and grab a few snacks and healthy foods. Don’t Hide the Dog

At #6 for women and #7 for men were having a dog as a turn-on. However, women don’t like seeing dirty pets or pet enclosures at #5 as a turn-off. Clean up your furry bestie and their areas.

Don’t hide the dog from date night, unless you have more intimate plans.

Thy Ex Shall Live in a Shoebox

The #4 turn-off for the sexes were evidence of the ex hanging around — time to get rid of the memorabilia. Placing your ex on display shows they’re not out of your mind or life yet, and maybe you’re not ready to move on. Toss what doesn’t matter and shoebox the rest.

What About Politics?

When it comes to politics, men didn’t want to see confederate flags, and women didn’t want to see evidence of Trump support.

Take care of odd smells, and follow the other tips — you’ll be in business to make a great first date home impression. Now, get to it!

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